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  • E1 – Creativity and Innovation

    E1 – Creativity and Innovation

    I am excited to announce a new podcast called Knowledge Management Matters Conversations.  Stephanie Barnes, who wrote Chapter 4 of Knowledge Management Matters, is my guest for the first episode.  We sat down together (virtually) and recorded a […]

  • The Future of KM: UAE MBA session

    The Future of KM: UAE MBA session

    Earlier this week, I was guest lecturing an MBA class at Al Ain University of Science & Technology.  The students heard that last time I was once on the campus a group of MBA students brought Emirati […]

  • KM in Education: Al Ain, UAE

    KM in Education: Al Ain, UAE

    I recently spent some time on the Al Ain campus of Al Ain University of Science and Technology.  The main purpose of the visit was to engage with undergraduate and graduate students, which was a very rewarding […]

  • Knowledge Management Matters

    Knowledge Management Matters

    By Practitioners for Practitioners Knowledge Management Matters: Words of Wisdom from Leading Practitioners is a collection of works penned by an amazing and diverse group of thought leaders.  Each of these trailblazers has generously shared […]

  • Taiwan KM Event

    Taiwan KM Event

    The Taiwan CKO Association event turned out to be a great learning experience for me … here are some photos that capture the spirit of the event.