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  • AAU Al Ain Campus

    AAU Al Ain Campus

    I have spent the last two days working with students, faculty and staff on the Al Ain campus of Al Ain Univeristy (AAU).  I should probably highlight that AAU has two campuses, one in Al […]

  • The Joys of Travel

    The Joys of Travel

    It turns out there is no simple way to travel from Macon, Georgia to Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.  Our adventure (my wife JoAnn was travelling with me) was 30 hours door to door.  The […]

  • Ready for an Adventure

    Ready for an Adventure

    In September 2013, I submitted an application for the Fulbright Scholar Program. Today, two years and four months later, I am in the very final stages of preparing for my participation in the grant, which is […]

  • Beyond Conversation

    Beyond Conversation

    Here is my recent article from Management Issues It can’t have escaped the notice of anyone who stays abreast of trends in management thinking that storytelling is very much in vogue and conversation the new […]

  • Thanks for the memories

    Thanks for the memories

    Here is my December Management Matters column in Prairie Business Magazine A question that has haunted organizational leaders for decades is: Do we know what we know? Lew Platt, CEO of HP, famously stated, “I wish we […]