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Due to current commitments, John is not available for keynotes at this time.

Are you a meeting planner looking for a dynamic, entertaining, and educational speaker?  You have come to the right place!  If you have not already, please take a look around this site to learn more about John and why he is a great choice for your event.

John is well known for working with meeting planners to reduce your anxiety and ensure your attendees will be absolutely delighted.  John will work with you to customize his keynote to meet your precise needs.  He is very willing to meet (usually virtually) to coordinate all of the details to ensure the event is very successful.

Part of ensuring that you are completely satisfied is developing a solid relationship built on trust and transparency.  Unlike many keynote speakers, John is very open about his costs and requirements. He offers an all-inclusive package for his events, which includes transportation to/from the venue, accommodation,and of course, an amazing 60-minute keynote talk.  No hidden costs, no surprising airline tickets prices, no quirky hotel needs. Of course, if you prefer to deal with travel costs separately, please feel to contact John.  He is open to adding adding panel discussions, breakout sessions, book signings, media interviews etc providing they can be worked into his schedule.  Optionally, you can order copies of John’s books for your participants.

The all-inclusive price for John’s keynotes are US$5000 in USA/Canada or US$6000 in other countries.  John offers significant discounts to qualified not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions – if you do not qualify, please do not ask 🙂

Let’s be honest, John’s events are incredible value for money.  If you find a better deal … then take it! Just remember that many speakers have many additional costs – caveat emptor.

Please contact John is you have questions.