Power of Story

by John & JoAnn Girard, published in Smart People Magazine, available for download here. For several years, we have had the great pleasure of speaking to groups of organizational leaders about knowledge management. Specifically, we speak about how […]

The Future of Management . . . Are you Ready?

by John & JoAnn Girard, published in Canadian Manager Magazine, available here. For the past two decades, public and private sector executives and managers have struggled to develop effective ways of sharing what their organizations […]

Diapers, Pop-Tarts, and Dog Food

By John P. Girard, published in Prairie Business Magazine and available for download here. In the early 1990’s, the retail industry watched with great interest as something called data mining gained popularity. For the first time, extremely […]

Information Anxiety: Learning from History

Published in the Indian PC Magazine and available for download here. The genesis of a recent project was the belief that the downsizing, rightsizing or whatever the politically correct euphemism for events during the late 20th century […]

Let Managers Sleep!

Published in Canadian Government Executive magazine and available for download here. A time-honoured consultant’s tactic is to ask executives what keeps them awake at night. The answer to this simple question often provides a clue […]

A Leader’s Guide to Knowledge Management

By: John & JoAnn Girard Today when most executives consider the intellectual capital of their organization, they focus on the present. They seek tools and techniques to exploit their organizational knowledge for some immediate gain. […]

Building Organizational Memories

Much has been written about how organizations create and exchange knowledge to achieve a competitive advantage. To date, most researchers have concentrated on the present and how organizational leaders may use knowledge to create value […]

John’s Keynote at KM Asia

KM Asia was a great event.  Our first trip to Singapore made the event even more memorable.    

John’s KSA2 Interview, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

During a visit to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, I facilitated a series of management seminars in conjunction with Success Steps. The focus of the events included leadership, the learning organization, and empowering knowledge workers. During my stay […]