Tech Chat 02/05/2015

Here is the latest Tech Chat.  In this week’s episode I discuss Radio Shack, Raspberry Pi, and Windows 10.  Enjoy!  Do let me know if you have any comments and of course feel free to share with […]

Tech Chat – 01/29/2015

Here is this week’s Tech Chat. The video features Splashdata’s worst passwords, GoPro’s NHL connection, a lesson on correlations and a story about Apple. I have tried a couple different things this week, including listing […]

Tech Two – 01/22/2015

Designed for my students, some of you might enjoy the first of my Two Minute Tech Chats. The idea is to provide Senior IT students with some quick news about what is happening in the […]

KM Russia 2014

KM Russia was an excellent event.  A YouTube video of John’s presentation for KM Russia is below the photo and the slides are available here:  

IACIS 2014 Keynote

John’s Keynote at the International Association for Computer Information Systems (IACIS) annual conference Big Data: A Decision Maker’s Friend, Phantom, or Foe? In the past three years there has been a 10-fold increase in Google searches […]

A one-device world?

Here is my October Management Matters column in Prairie Business Magazine During a recent three-day, 1,700-mile road trip, I decided to see if I could “survive” with just a single electronic device. Normally when I travel, […]

Leading Knowledge – Oman 2014

  We enjoyed a very successful two-day workshop in Oman for The Research Council – Oman. The participants were extremely engaged; they asked tough questions but perhaps more importantly there was a great conversation throughout the […]

Rethinking email

Here is my September Management Matters column in Prairie Business Magazine In the 2.0 world in which we work, live and communicate, does email still matter? With all of the emphasis and resources focused on Twitter, […]

What’s my password?

Here is my August Management Matters column in Prairie Business Magazine Every month or so, there seems to be news of yet another large data breach. Invariably the press release goes something like, “Recently we were […]