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Beyond Conversation

Beyond Conversation

Here is my recent article from Management Issues It can’t have escaped the notice of anyone who stays abreast of trends in management thinking that storytelling is very much in vogue and conversation the new […]

Thanks for the memories

Here is my December Management Matters column in Prairie Business Magazine A question that has haunted organizational leaders for decades is: Do we know what we know? Lew Platt, CEO of HP, famously stated, “I wish we […]

The world is a library

Here is my Novemeber Management Matters column in Prairie Business Magazine I collect inspiring Native American proverbs. I am often amazed how these maxims have passed the test of time and remain sage advice for today’s leaders. […]

A one-device world?

Here is my October Management Matters column in Prairie Business Magazine During a recent three-day, 1,700-mile road trip, I decided to see if I could “survive” with just a single electronic device. Normally when I travel, […]