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  • Creative Leadership

    Creative Leadership

    Thanks to Stephanie Barnes, of Entelechy, for inviting me to participate in a series on Creativity and Innovation for Knowledge Management Programs. Our first video is about Creative Leadership, check it out:

  • Creativity and Innovation

    Creativity and Innovation

    Stephanie Barnes, who wrote Chapter 4 of Knowledge Management Matters, wisely suggested we should do a video session of her chapter. What a great idea! Yesterday, we sat down together (virtually) and recorded a conversation […]

  • John’s Keynote East London, South Africa

    John’s Keynote East London, South Africa

    On October 26th, John presented “Guiding Organizations into the Future” at the International Conference on the Knowledge Economy (ICKE) 2011. ICKE 2011 builds on the foundation of ICKE 2009, which was in Johannesburg. This year’s […]