Defence Knowledge Management

John is very proud of his connection with the military, having served as an officer in the Canadian Forces for more than 24 years.  He retired as a Lieutenant-Colonel whilst serving as the Director of Knowledge Management for the Department of National Defence. In this capacity John penned the Departmental KM strategy, which included his Inukshuk model for Defence Knowledge Management – a model that continues to guide Defense leaders. A summary of his Defence KM thoughts are included in a Canadian Military Journal article tittled ”Defence Knowledge Management – Just a Passing Fad?

Highlights of his career include being the secretary of Canada-US Permanent Joint Board on Defense, Policy Officer for Canada-US relations, Training Policy Officer for the British Army, commander of an Artillery battery, and an Equipment Requirements officer.

John remains connected to the military community and often talks on the subject of Defense Knowledge Management.  For three years he was the Subject Matter Expect for a Knowledge Management seminar at the Canadian Forces College’s National Security Studies Courses, a course that prepares Colonels and Captains (N) for the promotion to Brigadier General/Commodore and beyond. John has also spoken on the subject of Knowledge Management to the Defence Resource Management Course as well as a number of Defence organizations.

John speaks on the subject of Defence KM including talks in Canada, the US and England, here is  John’s talk at KM World