Engaging MBA Students

Today I was privileged to facilitate a two and a half hour workshop for a group of MBA students from Al Ain University.  The “KM in Action” workshop included students from two classes, a management information system class and a decision support system class.  I love working with combined classes as the students tend to tease out excellent examples from the different classes.

We had a great dialogue about what works and what does not in terms of knowledge management.  As is often the case, I learned as much from the students as they did from me.  This particular group included many experienced leaders who were very interested in real-world examples.


We dedicated some time to complete the Marshmallow Challenge.  I have used this exercise in many classes and workshops and I am always amazed at how many great learning opportunities emerge.  Once again the Challenge proved to be time well spent.

IMG_8335 IMG_8336 IMG_8339 IMG_8340