KM Workshop – Al Ain University

The main focus of my Fulbright is a series of lectures to graduate and undergraduate students on both Al Ain University campuses (Al Ain and Abu Dhabi).  A secondary focus is educating University leaders about the practical application of knowledge management.  The University’s executive team is keen to implement one or more knowledge management projects with a view to enhancing the knowledge creation and exchange within the institution.  As part of this goal, I have offered two KM workshops, one on each campus, for administration leaders.

Below are a few photos from the session at the Al Ain campus (Photo credit: Al Ain Photographer)

Al Ain Campus - Managers 2Al Ain Campus - Managers 1

Al Ain Campus - Managers 6
Al Ain Campus - Managers 5 Al Ain Campus - Managers 4
Al Ain Campus - Managers 3