Rethinking email

PB-logoHere is my September Management Matters column in Prairie Business Magazine

In the 2.0 world in which we work, live and communicate, does email still matter? With all of the emphasis and resources focused on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media, can a relict of the 20th century make a difference from a business point of view? By now wise executives have realized that the future of connecting and collaborating with customers and clients is all about following, liking, linking and poking. Email has gone the way of the cursively penned letter … right?

Surprising to some, email is certainly not passé and should command the attention of C-suite in most organizations. A well-designed email strategy remains one of the most effective and efficient ways to cultivate and nurture a solid customer base. Key to this success is the well-signed element. Few things annoy consumers (and probably you) more than a poorly executed email campaign that is essentially a spam machine. At the other end of the spectrum, emailed newsletters, time-sensitive deals and advanced notice of product launches are all generally very well received. This is especially true when the customer perceives value in the email, perhaps by being the first to know something.

As you design your email strategy, remember to consider the impact of mobile device and tablet email. Although the statistics vary, there has been a tremendous increase in mobile/tablet access, something approaching a three-fold increase in the last three years. Most emails are now initially opened on a mobile device or tablet.

Email is the future. If you don’t believe me, send me an email. PB