Social Knowledge

For the past two decades, executives have struggled to develop effective ways of sharing what their organizations know.  Organizational leaders are now seeking ways to share knowledge with both internal and external stakeholders driven by concerns such as downsizing, the impending retirement of baby boomers, terrorism, and a host of other organizational challenges.

Social Knowledge: Using Social Media to Know What You Know, edited by John and JoAnn Girard, aims to provide relevant theoretical frameworks, latest empirical research findings, and practitioners’ best practices in the area. The book is multidisciplinary in nature and considers a wide range of topics, each of which is related to social knowledge. It is written for professionals who want to improve their understanding of the strategic role of social knowledge in business, government, or non-profit sectors.

Topics Covered:

  • Collaborative Socialization of Knowledge
  • Creation and Sharing of Knowledge from the Mind/Brain Perspective
  • Cross-cultural Knowledge Management
  • Cultural Barriers to Organizational Social Media
  • Empowering Social Knowledge with Information Technology
  • Impact of Social Media
  • Organizational Culture
  • Participation in Virtual Communities of Practice
  • Sharing Social Knowledge
  • Social Leadership


Note: Click chapter heading to view chapter abstract and contributor information.

1. Social Learning from the Inside Out
Pages 1-23
David Bennet (Mountain Quest Institute, USA)
Alex Bennet (Mountain Quest Institute, USA)
2. Measuring the Impact of Social Media
Pages 24-36
Kimiz Dalkir (McGill University, Canada)
3. Challenging our Assumptions
Pages 37-60
Suzanne Roff-Wexler (Compass Point Consulting, USA)
Loretta Donovan (Innovation Partners International, USA)
Salvatore Rasa (im21 (innovation/measurement 21st. century), USA)
4. Social Knowledge Case Study
Pages 61-77
Cindy Gordon (Helix Commerce International Inc., Canada)
5. Social Knowledge in the Japanese Firm
Pages 78-94
Benjamin Hentschel (Sophia University, Japan)
Parissa Haghirian (Sophia University, Japan)
6. Cultural Barriers to Organizational Social Media Adoption
Pages 96-114
Andrew Miller (, USA)
7. Organizational Culture
Pages 115-128
Paul McBride (PHD Student, USA)
8. Social Leadership
Pages 129-138
Scott Mackintosh (Glengarry Group Consulting, Canada)
9. Foundations of Cross-Cultural Knowledge Management
Pages 139-162
Nhu Nguyen (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
Katsuhiro Umemoto (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
10. Becoming a Blogger
Pages 164-178
Stefania Mariano (New York Institute of Technology, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain)
11. Encouraging Participation in Virtual Communities of Practice within the United States Air Force
Pages 179-192
Nick Bowersox (TUI University, USA)
12. Social Knowledge Workspace
Pages 193-206
Jagdish Vasishtha (CoFounder and CEO Injoos, India)
13. Sharing Scientific and Social Knowledge in a Performance Oriented Industry
Pages 207-235
Haris Papoutsakis (Technological Education Institute of Crete, Greece)
14. Social Knowledge
Pages 236-248
M. Chethan (Triumph India Software Services Pvt Ltd., India)
Mohan Ramanathan (Triumph India Software Services Pvt Ltd, India)
15. Empowering Social Knowledge with Information Technology
Pages 249-291
Fjodor Ruzic (Institute for Informatics, Croatia)