The Future of Management . . . Are you Ready?

by John & JoAnn Girard, published in Canadian Manager Magazine, available here.

For the past two decades, public and private sector executives and managers have struggled to develop effective ways of sharing what their organizations know. Driven by concerns such as downsizing, the impending retirement of baby boomers, terrorism, the troubling economy, and a host of other organizational challenges, many leaders have sought ways to share knowledge with both internal and external stakeholders.

Despite the best efforts of many innovative leaders, few organizations have achieved the desired level of knowledge sharing. This is certainly not due to a lack of energy, enthusiasm, or excitement on the part of executives, but rather the result of technology-focused, complicated, and expensive tools, techniques, and technologies. Equally, a culture based on a need-to-know rather than one based on a need-to-share basis prevented the transparency necessary to achieve organizational knowledge goals.