Tips for Two

Tips for Two Globetrotting 3D SmallJohn and JoAnn are very excited about their new book “Tips for Two: Tales of a Globetrotting Couple”  Here is how the book has been described:

Meet the Ultimate Globetrotting Couple, John and JoAnn Girard, who have been traveling together for more than two decades. In that time, they’ve visited six continents and more than 70 countries—not to mention all 50 American states and all 10 Canadian provinces. Nevertheless, they still see traveling together as their favorite pastime, and have no intentions of stopping. What’s their secret? It’s all part of the plan.

Inside Tips for Two: Tales of a Globetrotting Couple, you’ll learn 100 tricks of the traveling trade that will make your journeys with your travel partner or loved one smoother, safer, and more rewarding. You’ll discover the must-have apps for your smartphone to keep you connected while on the road, techniques to make hours spent in airports less taxing, and advice on how to save money and stay connected in faraway places. Along the way, you’ll see beautiful photos and small Travelogue anecdotes from the many places the Girards have visited—from Machu Picchu to the Great Wall of China!

It’s never too late to learn how to travel, and traveling is never better than with someone close by. So keep your passport handy and check out these Tips for Two!

Available for Kindle or Paperback